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The following units and programs offer information, support, and formal and informal educational opportunities.  

Colored technology cords


Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP)

For questions about reporting concerns and the process, please feel free to call HDAPP at 530-747-3864 (Davis) or 916-734-3417 (Sacramento).

Campus Climate Resources


In addition to responding to reports of bias and discrimination, UC Davis strives to prevent these problems by educating the UC Davis community about them. 

  • Diversity Education Program
  • The mission of the Diversity Education Program is to provide various educational opportunities, including training workshops and courses for students, staff and faculty related to cultural awareness, the UC Davis Principles of Community, and the development of a safe, respectful and inclusive campus environment.

    Living the Principles of Community online course
  • LGBTQIA Ally Training
  • LGBTQIA Ally Training is two training sessions. The first is Foundations in LGBTQIA Allyship, which duration is 2.5 hours.  This training covers foundational information about sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in a socio-historical context. Participants have the opportunity to examine their knowledge and beliefs and begin the process of critiquing paradigms and systems that are harmful to LGBTQIA people. To apply to get an allyship training, please fill out the form here.

    The second session is Ally as a Verb: Deepening LGBTQIA Allyship, which duration is 3 hours. Pre-requisite: Foundations in LGBTQIA Allyship. This highly-interactive workshop allows participants to continue their learning process around cis-sexism, allosexism, and heterosexism and develop skills for challenging these systems of oppression.