Discrimination Cases, Summer 2015

Anonymous Unknown Race Graffiti Closed Early resolution Documented for file
Academic* Academic* National Origin Derogatory comments in workplace about certain ethnic group Closed Investigation No finding of policy violation
Academic* Academic* Ancestry and Gender Gender bias and ethnic stereotyping in merit process Closed Early resolution Preliminary review - no indication of discrimination; referred to resources
Staff Academic* National origin Racist epithet used in a meeting Closed Early resolution Provided education to respondent
Staff Staff Age Supervisor made inappropriate comment to employee based on age Closed Early resolution Documented for file; referred to resources
Staff Department Disability Mismanagement of workplace accommodations  Closed Early resolution Department improved approach
Student Department Disability Participation denied due to disability Closed Early resolution Accommodation provided, referred to add'l resources
Staff Staff Ethnicity Negative, stereotypical comments about ethnicity made by co-worker Closed Early resolution Facilitated discussion with parties.
Anonymous Unknown Race and sex Graffiti Closed Early resolution Facilitated discussion, documented for file
Community member Registered student organization Sexual orientation Exclusionary behavior and comments  Closed Early resolution Clarified expectation of adhering to university policy
Academic* Academic* Gender Disparate treatment based on gender Closed Early resolution Preliminary review-no indication of discrimination
Student Institution Generalized hate Concern over lyrics of the Aggie Fight Song Closed Early resolution Documented for file
Student Student Race Racially motivated physical harassment Closed Early resolution Complaint withdrawn
Student Institution Gender identity, disabilitly Preferred name system not functioning, accessibility issues Closed Early resolution Errors in system addressed, referred to resources
Student Students Gender identity Exclusionary behavior and comments  Closed Early resolution Referred to resources

*Refers to ladder-rank faculty, lecturers, teaching assistants, and other academic titles