Case Management Team

UC Davis has a case management team that reviews all complaints of discrimination, hate and bias.  A member of the team may initiate contact with the complainant to obtain additional information, provide information about the complaint resolution process, and refer the complainant to support services.  The team will address all reports of discrimination, hate and bias. Reports of hate crimes will be referred to the UC Davis Police Department and the team will coordinate with the Police Department to respond to the complaint. 

Complaints will be resolved through either early resolution or formal investigation.  If the complainant is identified, the appropriate team member will contact the complainant at the conclusion of the matter to inform the complainant about the outcome. Quarterly reports regarding the cases handled by the case management team will be posted on this site.

Case management team members

UC Davis campus

UC Davis Health System

Wendi Delmendo
Chief Compliance Officer and Lead Discrimination Officer

Wendi Delmendo
Chief Compliance Officer and Lead Discrimination Officer

Danny Gray
Director for Academic Employee and Labor Relations, Academic Affairs

Yolanda Henderson
Sexual Harassment Officer,
Human Resources

Matilda Aidam
Director for Faculty Relations and Development, Academic Affairs

Leon Jones
Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Sheri Atkinson
Executive Director,  
Community Resource Centers

Travis Lindsey
Manager, Labor Relations

Lisa Brodkey
Director, Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program

Brent Seifert
Manager, Academic Personnel Office, School of Medicine

Don Dudley
Director, Student Judicial Affairs


Danesha Nichols
Supervisor, Labor Relations

Mikael Villalobos
Administrator of Diversity Education,
Office of Campus Community Relations

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If you experience or witness an incident of hate or bias or discrimination or harassment, please report it.


If you want to report anonymously, please use the online option or call the Anonymous Call Line  at 530-747-3865


Quarterly reports of hate, bias, discrimination or harassment reported to the University can be accessed here.

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